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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Sports Car

If you are buying a new sports car, you may have the opportunity to select its cover from the ever-growing palette provided by auto manufacturers. When selecting a color for your sports car, there are a few factors one should consider.Individuality may be more of a concern for some than it is for others. If one is seeking an original, or individual look for their sports car, they may be interested in the results of the annual DuPont car color survey. Every year, the survey examines each class of passenger automobiles and finds out which colors are most commonly chosen by consumers. Based on the results of the DuPont survey, you should avoid a silver paint job if you are trying to stand out in a crowd. Silver has been the most popular color for sports cars each of the last two years and one out of every five sports cars purchased is silver. Those seeking a unique look may also want to think twice about going with red, blue or black color schemes. These three hues were the next most commonly used colors....


What to Consider When Making a Used Car Donation

Making a used car donation can help many people. If someone died or moved and they don't want their car anymore, donating it is a great way to give back to the community while disposing of the vehicle. Many used car donation services will pick up the used car for free and take it to the charity. Check your local telephone directory for such services and also search the internet. These services are not in many small towns yet but most large cities can coordinate the deal for you.It is important to check with the IRS before making a used car donation. There are a few forms that will need to be filled out. The web site can also give an estimate as to the car's worth. The number will probably be different from its blue book value, so be sure to check the web site out before giving the car away. In some states, a tax break will only be given if the car is donated to a nationally recognized charity. A complete list is available on the web site. Filling out the forms incorrectly could result in not getting the tax b...


If You Are Looking For Paint Protection Avoid The Car Dealer Rip Offs

You're ready to buy a new car and off you go to start visiting dealerships in your area. After looking at what seems like a million new cars, you finally find the one that you want. You go inside to set up your financing and while you're sitting there, the dealer suggests adding a paint protection treatment that maintains your car's glossy paint job. He promises that it will protect the paint from weather damage and can make this one time offer to you for a mere $1500.00 extra. You might think this is a good deal because certainly you want to make sure that your car continues to look as good as it does now. Before you sign on the dotted line, there are some things that you need to be aware of.Costly paint protection systems from dealers are only costly to you. The dealers paid very little for them and jack up the price, depending on how much they think the prospective client may be willing to pay. This is why when you balk at the price, they offer to do you a favor and cut it in half. This might seem like a b...


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